College Decision Day

The LHS seniors celebrated National College Decision Day on Friday, April 28th, just a few days short of the holiday on May 1. This is the day in the year when most students planning on post-secondary education commit to two- and four-year institutions. Michael Schirrmacher discussed his thoughts on this opportunity: “College decision day actually made me feel more comfortable about going to college, and being able to talk to my admissions counselor was nice.”

Seniors were encouraged to wear their colleges’ shirts of the college they committed to to school. Some local colleges including Montclair State University, Ramapo College, William Paterson University, and Bergen Community College, attended the celebration and gave out goodies to their future students. Dunia Zawahreh explained why MSU was the right choice for her, “I chose Montclair because I am being offered amazing opportunities both during my time there as well as after graduating.”

The event consisted of breakfast, a photo booth, and lots of academic networking. 

Seniors were full of excitement as they took pictures with their friends and college merchandise. Although not all committing to the same colleges, many seniors were proud of themselves and supportive of their peers. Michael shared, ““I feel very excited to graduate but also very nervous for the next step.” Dunia added, “Going to college is a big stepping stone in life and I’m not too sure if I’m ready for that chapter of life” It was clear that many seniors are excited to begin their journeys for the next four years, but not quite ready to leave LHS behind yet.