Midnights Album Review

Marissa Vartolone and Arlet Cruz

Taylor’s new album “Midnights” was released on October 21st at midnight. The album shares stories of 13 sleepless nights throughout Taylor’s artistic life. Her music dives into a number of categories such as the idea of revenge or of love that has kept Swift up at night. The album has more of a pop/techno rhythm to it compared to her previous albums such as Speak Now. These 13 nights have given the fans of Swift much more to listen and relate to. 




“Lavender Haze” is a phrase coined in the 1950s that Swift uses for her first track on the album. This phrase means the “all-encompassing glow of love” which is a reference to Swift’s relationship with Joe Alywn. This song encompasses Swift’s realization that she wants to be in love and not allow the others in society to discredit her relationship, especially since she is a public figure in the media. Swift takes jabs at society, always asking her when she would get married, but she rebukes it by using “lavender haze” to say to all that she was in love and that was what matters. ‘Lavender Haze’ has a more techno beat to it that I’m sure many fans of her ‘Lover” album can enjoy. 


Anti-hero is considered one of the main tracks of Taylor’s album. The music video was released at 8:00 AM the morning after the album was released. The song goes through the night that she realizes that she has been victimizing herself within all of her relationships. Through the video viewers see people dressed as ghosts which represent the people she had ghosted in the past. The representation of her ghosting people comes up again in the bejeweled video. Similar to her “All too Well (10 Minute Version) [Taylor’s Version]” music video, there is a section of the video that cuts out the music and a scene is shown. Within this scene the number 13 is brought up again (13 track). There is also a clip of her smashing her Speak Now tour guitar. Overall, the music video has many hidden messages that fans of Taylor have been striving to decode. 


This song was a let down to many Lana and Taylor fans around the world. When Taylor had revealed that Lana was collaborating on a song with her, many were ready for the collab of the century. Instead, Lana gave more background vocals to Taylor, and had about two lyrics that were sung with just her. Although this was a let down, the song adds a slower, less techno vibe to the album, which many listeners love. The term Snow on the Beach describes something that is unusual, but also perfect at the same time. She uses this term to describe a love story.  Unlike most of Taylor’s music, the song focuses less on telling a story, and more on the feeling you get while listening. 


When Taylor announced that one of the songs from this album was titled Karma, all of Taylor’s fans went crazy. It has been said that Karma was originally supposed to be the album before reputation, but was never released due to issues between Taylor, Kim Kardashion, and Kanye. Instead she waited a year for things to cool down, and released the Reputation album instead. Within this album, karma is mentioned repeatedly. This past year Kanye technically received his “karma”, so this song is rumored to be about him. 


Taylor also released the “3AM” version of the album with 7 new tracks.