New Beginnings: STEM Labs Grand Opening


2022 brings new beginnings for Lodi High School. As this school year began, LHS welcomed two new STEM classrooms as well as countless opportunities. A brand-new medical room along with an engineering lab were both designed and built with state-of-theart equipment and design. On April 6th, LHS staff, students, and faculty welcomed town council members, Board of Education members, and the press to a grand opening ceremony to officiate these two new classrooms. Ms. Fasulo, a biology teacher and the Pre-Med advisor at LHS, oversees the medical lab. With her guidance, LHS is able to offer numerous pre-med based classes for students including AP Biology, Principles of Biomedical Science, Dynamics of Health Care, Pre-Med Survey, and HOSSA (an after-school club). Furthermore, Mr. Bariess, an engineering and physics teacher at LHS, oversees the new engineering lab. This new classroom offers various classes in not only the field of engineering but also STEM, including Intro to Engineering, Wood Workshop, Principles of Engineering, and an after-school Robotics Club. Both facilities allow students for hands on experience for any various careers in the field of STEM. Throughout the grand opening, certain students provided tours. For the medical room, Shaniya Richberg (senior), Eisha Iman (senior), Yulianna Walker (junior), Faizan Siddiqui (senior), and Anthony Vasquez (sophomore) led a tour around the medical room along with a presentation outlining the pre-med based classes. In the engineering lab, juniors Christopher Falconi, Eileen Balakrishnan, Paul Boyaci, and Maheen Madhi presented information about the equipment, such as laser printers and technology devices, shared a presentation about the engineering classes offered as well as guided visitors around their new class. They even displayed a robot constructed from scratch! These new facilities offer students and educators new abilities for educational opportunities involving hands on experiences, real world simulations, college level learning, and so much more while allowing them a step into the various fields of STEM very early on. Check out the video above to learn more about our new STEM classes!