How to Mend a Broken Heart

Going through a break-up is never easy, and it may seem like a helpless cause at first. Feeling lost, angry, hurt, or distraught is all perfectly normal and expected. As important as it is to allow yourself to feel all of the negative emotions that are inevitable during a break-up, it is also important that you try and move on. The Lodi Rampage has made a list of our best advice to mending your broken heart.

  1. New Hobbies
    • It is easy to get lost in your own head after a break-up. What if I did this differently? Should I have done that? I wish they would have said this. And although the thoughts are easy to entertain, they don’t help you move past the break-up. Instead of getting wrapped up in your own thoughts, try a new hobby. Learning a new instrument or teaching yourself how to make friendship bracelets can be a rewarding experience to distract you.
  2. Spending Time with Friends and Family
    • Breaking up with your partner can make you feel like you have no one else, but reminding yourself of all of the positives you do have is good way to move on. Your friends and family can be your greatest support system during this time. Try hanging out with friends and go on friend-dates to keep yourself busy. Confiding in your family and hosting family game nights can remind you how to laugh and have fun without your ex.
  3. Reading a New Book
    • Wanting to escape the stress that comes after a break up is normal and there is no better way to do that then with a good book. Whether you love romance novels or self-help books, finding a new book to immerse yourself in is a great distraction. Not only can it give your mind a break you, it will give you something new to look forward to. Forming new healthy coping mechanisms, like reading, makes any break-up a little easier.
  4. Focus on School
    • There is often more free time after a break-up, and instead of using the free time to entertain bad habits- try forming healthy ones. Focusing on school is a great way to distract yourself, while also improving your life. Spending that extra time making up assignments you may have missed or getting ahead so you aren’t as overworked is an excellent way to dedicate that extra time to something positive.
  5.  Music
    • Sometimes the best way to understand your own feelings is hearing someone else talk about them. Whether your break-up is new or you’re already moving on, there is a song or an album for you. Some of Rampage’s personal favorite break-up albums include: Kanye West “808s & Heartbreak,” Taylor Swift “Red Taylor’s Version,” and Phoebe Bridgers “Stranger in the Alps.”
  6.  Exercise
    • Negative feelings like anger and regret are natural to feel after a break-up, but it is important that you find a healthy way to channel that energy. A good way to relieve all of that stress is by exercising. Whether you decide to get a gym membership or follow YouTube tutorials- working out is a great way to let go of all of the built up emotions.
  7.  Time
    1. As the age old saying goes- time heals all wounds. Although it may seem far away or impossible, you will learn to move on and your current heartbreak will just be another experience. It will be difficult, but giving yourself the patience and time you deserve to heal will be the best way to mend your broken heart.

It’s going to be okay. It’s important to embrace the pain and heartbreak that comes with a breakup, but it’s also important that you keep yourself going. It may be easy to sit with your sadness, but text time you feel like the stress of the heartbreak is too much, try one of the Rampage’s tips on how to mend a broken heart.