Winter Sports Stereotypes

This new season brings new sports. The winter season is comprised of Boys and Girls Basketball, Cheerleading, Wrestling, Track, and Bowling. With every sport, we have returning athletes, new athletes, and old stereotypes. In girls basketball, there’s the ball hog, the best dribbler, and a rebounder; while in boys basketball, there’ s one that has the best handles, the one who can shoot, and the one who can dunk. In Cheerleading there’s always someone flipping, leading the others, and expressing way too much energy. In Track there’s always the one who doesn’t like to run, who doesn’t get tired of running, and who likes to lift the most. In Wrestling, there’s always the one that never gained weight throughout the four years of wrestling, a flexible wrestler, and a shadow wrestler. And finally, in Bowling we have the ones that always get a strike, the one who gets a split, and the one who only has 2 pins left. Check out this video to see familiar faces showcase their stereotypes. We wish the best of luck to the winter teams on the rest of their seasons!