Getting Involved at LHS


Clubs, clubs, and more clubs! After spending a year and a half being virtual and missing out on opportunities to become more involved, Lodi High School has come back in full swing! There is an abundance of returning and new clubs that students can join. From the new hiking club to drama club, students can find what suits them best and explore their interests. Provided below is a list of all of the clubs students can join. Don’t be afraid to try new things because it might be the start of a new found interest!

Student Council:

What is it: Student council is a club filled with so much diversity. From pizza and bake sales, to candle and Krispy Kreme fundraisers, to Powderpuff and the Color Run, there is always so much to do. Each individual student council has numerous opportunities to work as a group in order to raise money for their senior year expenses. Such expenses include, prom, senior breakfast, senior class trip, etc. 

Who should join: Anyone interested in helping to actively participate and fundraise to help their graduating class raise money for a spectacular senior year. 

Advisors: Please contact the following advisors for more information to join. 

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA):

What is it: Future Business Leaders of America or FBLA, as many call it, is an organization that aids high school students to prepare for careers in business. This club participates in various academic competitions as well as other national projects that allow students take their first few steps into the business world. 

Who should join: Anyone interested in the field of business or just the club can join. 

Advisor:  Mrs. Pacelli / [email protected] / Room 213 

3D Art & Design Club:

What is it: Do you like to work with your hands and build cool stuff?  Then the 3D Art and Design club is for you!  It’s open to all students, those with art experience and those without.  As an artist, my specialty is sculpture and I love passing on my skills to students in order for them to cultivate new talents.  The projects so far have been fabricated, cast, carved, molded, engraved, and more!  We just ordered a bunch of new supplies and will be doing new stuff every week.  The club meets on Wednesdays after school, except one week a month it meets on Thursdays to accommodate teacher meetings.  Make sure to join and don’t miss out on what’s coming up next! New members are always welcome, join the Google class page (code: ngmj7bk), follow us on Instagram @Lodi_HS_3D_Art_Design_Club, or email Mr. Nicolosi for more information!” – Mr. Nicolosi

Who should join: Any student interested in painting, sculpting, engineering, building, or creating something new can join! 

Advisor: Mr. Nicolosi / [email protected] 

Gaming Club: 

What is it: Gaming club is an organization that allows students to discuss current game trends, play games, as well as learn strategies for playing games. In this club, one can learn leadership and team building skills, and earn digital citizenship points to put on their college resumes. 

Who should join: Anyone interested in gaming, playing with your peers, or learning gaming stratagies can join the club.

Advisor: Mrs. Basile / [email protected]

Ecology Club: 

What is it: Ecology Club is an organization in which the group as a whole shows appreciation of the earth’s diverse biological wealth. They also aim to make not just our community, but our entire world a better place, one step at a time. 

Who should join: Anyone interested in helping the world be a better place through ecological and environmental efforts.  

Advisor: Mrs. Banks / [email protected]

Agriscience Club:

What is it: Agriscience is a new club here at LHS this year. Created by senior Vivian DeLaPaz in efforts to allow LHS students to learn agricultural and gardening skills right here in their school’s own courtyard. Children help to take care of the Delaware Hens (with the supervision of the advisor), help plant and harvest vegetables, help donate vegetables to a local organization, and so much more! 

Who should join: Anyone interested in gardening or agricultural related work should come and join. 

Advisor: Mrs. Hansen / [email protected] 

National Honors Society (NHS):

What is it: The National Honor Society is a national organization for high school students which highlights the outstanding characteristics demonstrated by students. In this organization, each and every student holds these characteristics, or pillars as they are known by. These pillars include scholarship, leadership, character, and service which are present in students throughout their high school career. This organization aids students in various service projects throughout LHS and the Lodi community throughout the school year. 

Who should join: One can join this organization during their junior or senior year at LHS. Students who meet the scholarship requirement are notified during the winter of their junior year or fall of their senior year.  


Diverse Cultures Club:

What is it: Diverse cultures club is a club that invites everyone form different cultures and backgrounds to come together and conduct various projects. The diverse cultures club is also known for bringing forth the ASL club to LHS. 

Who should join: Anyone interested in learning about the diversity of their peers and fundraising for non-profit organizations should join.   

Advisor: Mrs. Bradley / [email protected]

American Sign Language:

What is it: American Sign Language Club or ASL is an organization that teaches students American Sign Language. By teaching students a language that is the 3rd most used language in the US, let alone the world, they can break the barriers of communication with other people. By knowing such a skill, one can communicate with others that live in a unique culture and life. 

Who should join: Anyone who is interested in learning sign language while also bridging the gap with individuals of the deaf community.  

Advisor: Ms. Frith / [email protected] 

Hiking Club:

What is it: The hiking club is a unique organization which allows students from LHS to take various hiking trips to serene locations. Students, along with their teacher chaperones, take various trips to go hiking throughout the year. 

Who should join: Anyone interested in not just hiking but also exploring the great outdoors, taking a walk, or just enjoying nature for what it is should join. 

Advisor: Ms. Frith / [email protected] 

Chess Club:

What is it: The chess club is an organization which meets on a weekly basis allowing students to play chess. Students get involved in friendly competitions while also learning chess strategies for playing the game itself. 

Who should join: Anyone who loves to play chess or wants to learn how to play should join. 

Advisor: Mr. Tuttle / [email protected]

Student Government:

What is it: Student Government is an organization which consists of students from all four grade levels of LHS. Students in this organization work together to create fun days and events involving school spirit for the students and staff at LHS. 

Who should join: Any juniors and seniors interested in building up LHS school spirit. Any freshman and sophomores members are taken upon recommendation. 

Advisor: Mr. Tuttle / [email protected]

Future Lawyers of America:

What is it: Future Lawyers of America or as everyone knows it as Mock Trial, is an organization in which students learn and practice key skills in the field of both history, politics, and law. Students are able to strengthen their appreciation for their academic studies as well as bring law to life through their preparation in competitions. 

Who should join: Anyone interested in law, history, or justice can join! 

Advisor: Mr. Tuttle / [email protected]

Drama Club:

What is it: Drama club is an organization that allows students to take part in a yearly school production. From being an actor to a dancer to stage crew, students experience the work it takes to put together a production. During the school year of 2021-2022, the LHS Drama Club will be making the production of “The Mystery of Edwin Drood”. 

Who should join: Any student interested in the tv/film industry or anyone who has a desire to act should join! 


Intramurals Athletics Club: 

What is it: Intramurals Athletics Club is a new club here at LHS this year. Students play various sports such as basketball, volleyball, dodgeball, soccer, ping pong, and so much more in a friendly environment after school. 

Who should join: Anyone interested in playing a variety of sports, non-competitively, should come and join. 

Advisor: Mrs. Gorski / [email protected]


What is it: The Pre-Med club is an organization which educates and prepares students in the field of medicine and healthcare. Students are able to learn about various schools for higher education, careers, as well as various illnesses. This organization allows students to prepare for any field of healthcare whether that be a doctor, nurse, veterinarian, EMT, lab technician, therapist, psychologist, and so much more. The club even gets to see a live surgery towards the end of the year (in previous years it has been a kidney transplant)!

Who should join: Anyone interested in healthcare or the field of medicine are welcome to join. 

Advisor: Ms. Fasulo / [email protected]

Green Tech:

What is it: “The Green Tech Team is a constantly evolving group of students who have a common interest in technology, and challenges! We participate in numerous challenges throughout the school year. Some of these challenges are theoretical with proposed solutions to real world problems, and some of these are in-person competitions where the team has to design and build a unique machine to perform a task. Last year, the Green Tech Team was a State Finalist in the NJ SteamTank Challenge sponsored by the NJSBA and the US ARMY. Currently, we are looking at multiple competitions including the Spellman High Voltage Challenge and the NJ Science Day Competition. Green Tech Team also offers students the opportunity to work on some individual projects or research in technology. Currently I am working with a few students on various tech projects like an agricultural robot and a tech art project in the form of a 4x4x4 LED CUBE Matrix. The team competes for money and scholarship prizes. And, we’re always open to new members.” – Mr. Skibitski

Who should join: Anyone interested in the field of engineering, technology, and STEM can join. 

Advisor: Mr. Skibitski / [email protected]

Seatbelt Committee:

What is it: The Seatbelt Committee is an organization which discusses and promotes the importance of road safety. Members of the organization organize various events to raise awareness about road safety and wearing a seatbelt. 

Who should join: Anyone interested in the topic of road safety should join. 

Advisor: Mr. Maggio / [email protected]

Math League:

What is it: The Math League is an all inclusive club that provides a space for students who want to reach higher levels of mathematics and provides support for students to find solutions to difficult mathematical problems in innovative ways!

Who should join: The club is open for all students at LHS but is strongly encouraged for excelling sophomores, juniors and seniors.

Advisor: Ms. Gieselmann / [email protected]

Science Club:

What is it: The science club is where you learn about the biology field. LHS students will take a biology open exam competing with approximately 10,000 students from all over the USA and the top 500 will go to semifinals. 

Who should join: The club is open for all students who are interested in learning more about biology

Advisor: Ms. Saifan / [email protected]

Spirit Club:

What is it: The Spirit Club is a new club at LHS and anyone/any grade level can join.  This club consists of a group of students who will participate in a “student section,” at sporting events to cheer on the LHS team.  The student section will include themed t-shirts,  face painting, signs, and collaboration with the cheerleaders.  Due to being virtual, they weren’t able to start this club up yet. Students can also join the Google class with code: oafbry6

Who should join: The club is open for all students who are into school spirit and want to be more involved in LHS. 

Advisor: Ms. Nobre / [email protected] 

Dance Club:

What is it: Dance Club is a new club here at LHS. It was started this year by freshmen Gabriela Rodrigues and Khushi Tailor. We are getting ready to have our first official meeting in a few weeks. Dance club is a great way for students to learn and practice choreography and learn how to choreograph. The club also provides students with an opportunity to express themselves through the art of dance.

Who should join: Students who have interest in expressing themselves by dancing or want to learn how to dance would be a great addition to the club. However, anyone is welcome to join the Dance club! You do not need to audition or have any prior experience with dance to be a member.

Advisor: Ms. Loh / [email protected] 

Red Cross Club:

What is it: The Red Cross Club provides students with volunteer opportunities and leadership experiences to meet the needs faced by our community. They work with the American Red Cross organization to develop students’ skills that will help them be leaders in their communities after they leave high school. So far this year, we’ve carried out several volunteer projects including the food drive for military families, which raised over 550 pounds of food.

Who should join: Students who have an interest in giving back to the community and want to learn more about ways to help people in need would be a great addition to the club  They meet on Wednesdays in the Media Center.

Advisor: Ms. Loh / [email protected] 

Science League:

What is it: LHS Science League is a competition-based club. Participating students take 3-4 science tests during the spring months at different high schools in the surrounding area. These students compete against other schools to receive the highest score on their test, and the opportunity to win scholarships

Who should join: Certain students are recommended by their science teachers to be a member of the Science League.

Advisor: Ms. Loh / [email protected]

Listening Room: 

What is it: The Listening Room is an after school club that meets on Fridays after school. The Listening Room is a club where students get to discuss their favorite music and discover new artists. Students vote on an album to listen to each week. Anyone who loves music and wants a space to talk about it should join! Unfortunately, our club has not had a chance to meet yet. The club was formed midway through the school year and it had to be postponed when students and staff went virtual.

Who should join: Anyone that has an interest in music and has interest in talking about lyrics and the meaning behind them. 

Advisor: Mr. Mccann / [email protected]

Gay Straight Alliance:

What is it: GSA or Gay Straight Alliance is intended to provide a safe and supportive environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) children, teenagers, and youth as well as cisgender heterosexual allies. They discuss current events and issues students are facing. We also attend various events and meetings around the county.

Who should join: It doesn’t matter if you are gay, straight, bisexual, or pansexual, anyone can join, especially those who have a strong interest in being advocates for the LGBTQ+ community.

Advisor: Mr. Bernice / [email protected]

Robotics Club:

What is it: It is a club that deals with making and understanding how different parts come together to create one functioning body. Members go to tournaments and events to showcase your project. This can involve doing a simple task like flicking a switch or picking up blocks. 

Who should join: Anyone that is interested in the technology field would be a great addition. 

Advisor: Mr. Bernice / [email protected] 

Key Club:

What is it: The Key Club is an organization that focuses on bringing students together to better themselves and the community by engaging in volunteer-based activities.

Who should join: Anyone that is interested in giving back to the community would be more than welcome to join. 

Advisor: Mr. Lewis / [email protected] 

Interact Club:

What is it: The Interact Club is a group dedicated to performing acts of community service, developing leadership skills, and meeting new friends!

Who should join: Anyone that is interested in getting closer with the people around you, then this club is for you. 

Advisor: Ms. Mondal / [email protected]

Rocket Club:

What is it: Rocket club is a STEM based club that participates in a national competition called TARC. We build rockets from scratch and enjoy launching them.

Who should join: Anyone who is interested in understanding the process it takes to make rockets fly and experience it first hand, this club is the perfect place to learn. 

Advisor: Mr. Ghobrial / [email protected]

Poetry/Creative Writing Club:

What is it: The poetry/creative writing club is where members that share the common interest of expressing themselves in the art of writing. Members write and discuss different styles of poetry and writing.

Who should join: Students that have a passion for writing would be perfect for this club. 

Advisor: Mr. Kim / [email protected] 

Book Club:

What is it:  Books club is where students come together to read and discuss different genres of books, from mystery to romance. They also can find people that have a common interest allowing them to create new friendships. 

Who should join: Everyone is welcome to join, especially those who have interest in reading. 

Advisor: Ms. Adamkiewicz / [email protected]

Foreign Language Club:

What is it: Foreign Language Club is where students get to learn new and experience new languages. It also is a chance to experience new cultures and where the language originated from. It also allows for people with similar interests to further help them learn new languages as they can engage in conversation with each other. 

Who should join: There is no restriction to join and everyone is welcome, so if anyone wants to learn about a new language, this club is perfect for you. 

Advisor: Ms. Vado / [email protected]