Unorganized Cooking: Leek Ramen


You know, initially, this recipe had different ingredients, even a poached egg; but, logic and multiple sources told me that poaching an egg in the microwave is a bad idea, because:

  1. If the yolk is undercooked, somebody might get salmonella and I would potentially get sued
  2. An overcooked egg yolk could explode in the microwave and if you take it out at horrendous timing, it would result in nasty 3rd degree burns. Oh yeah, and I would also, potentially if not definitely, get sued.

So yeah. This is the revised, safer version.


  • Ramen
  • Lemon
  • Sriracha
  • Leek
  • Water
  • Instant Rice

Cooking Time: 10 minutes or less. (Unlike those annoying artichokes that shaved several weeks off my life expectancy. Don’t know why I willingly go back to eating it.)


  1. First, chop leek stalk into rings, like onions
  2. Microwave the rice for however long the instructions say to do it
  3. Microwave the water for 3-4 minutes
  4. Once done microwaving, add in the ramen, leek, and rice
  5. Squeeze in some lemo- and, oh my, why is it seedless?
  6. Apply sriracha to your liking, whether that’d be mild to profusely sweating levels of heat, although I do feel bad for your stomach lining.
  7. Stir in all of the ingredients
  8. And that’s about it.

A lesson has been learned yesterday (or 19th of May since this isn’t published today). Not exactly related to this recipe, but was pan frying IKEA salmon meatballs and I thought they were done. They looked done. Some of them were still frigid on the inside and I ate them all. As we all know, raw seafood isn’t exactly the best idea to eat, so let this be a lesson that slightly overcooked is better than severely undercooked, that is unless you’re doing eggs in the microwave then that’s just asking for trouble.