Why This Won’t Matter in Nine Years


Green energy is a subgenre of renewable energy in which the goal is to create clean energy that is eco friendly!  Green energy has been proven to have the most environmental benefits in comparison to other forms of energy production. Some of the most productive and known forms of green energy include solar power, wind energy, hydroelectric power,  and biomasses. Although the many different types of energy may seem daunting, the importance of clean energy remains absolute. 

The planet is facing a major ecological crisis. Primarily, global warming is becoming a large problem very quickly, and pollution is the main culprit. Coal and oil from factories and large production sights poor their toxic gases into the atmosphere. These toxins not only affect global warming and the ozone layer, but can also have major effects on general health, creating respiratory issues, and reducing life expectancies. By implementing various forms of green energy on a mass scale, these issues can be substantially reduced. Another benefit to green energy is the conservation of the world’s natural resources. Globally, fossil fuels burn at an exponential rate for various reasons like electricity, heat, and transportation. As a matter of fact, 80% of the world’s energy is ran on fossil fuels. Science has said that if the rate we use fossil fuels continues, we will have had depleted all fossil fuels by 2060.  

Green energy can also have economic benefits. Research has shown that renewable energy sources require more labor production in comparison to the fossil fuel industry. This information means that more jobs can be created through the expansion of clean energy. 

It has been theorized that by 2030, the damage done to the Earth will be  irreversible. The effects of climate change and global warming will have tarnished our ecosystem to a point of no return. No amount of effort or change will be on a wide enough scale to replenish the Earth to its former condition. This is why green energy won’t matter in nine years- the change needs to start today. Global initiative and conversation needs to begin if we have any chance at saving the planet we destroyed- and it starts with you.

United States Environmental Protection Agency - Wikipedia

The tasks may seem overwhelming and out of your control at first, but there are certain things you can do to help. For large scale change, writing to elected officials on your concerns with fossil fuels can persuade them to support green energy policies. There are countless local clean energy projects that can use your support. The simple act of voicing your opinion can have significant impacts. Lodi High School also has multiple clubs that are specifically meant to support clean energy. Joining the Green Tech Club and the Environmental Club is a major way to make a difference in your community. Finally, educate yourself with the links below. By broadening your knowledge you can truly support renewable energy. 


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