Spring Sports are Sprouting


With the cold air blowing away, it must mean that the spring sport season is ready to sprout. With this being the last leg of athletics in the school year, we look to these teams to give some momentum to the Lodi fan base so they come back to school ready for another year of sports! The boys tennis team is ready to serve every team in its way. With a senior-based team last season, Coach D’Amico took the recruiting process to a whole new level. With posters everywhere, coach was able to land drama star Driton Cadraku, who will look to use his projected stage voice to be a leader for his team. The team opens up against Leonia at home on April 3 and 4:00 PM. Come out and support!

Making our way onto the diamond, we take a look at Lodi’s baseball and softball teams. Starting with baseball, Coach Geisler looks to get over the hump and make it deep into the state tournament. He luckily has an impressive supporting cast around him with seniors Anthony Scrafano and Kevin Rodriguez, and juniors Josh Iniro, Chase Geisler, and Vinny Vartolone. On the other side of the diamond, Coach Terhune wants nothing less than to add another League Championship to his belt. Coming just short of the title last year, these girls are back with a vengeance. Senior captain Mary Breny, senior Chelsie Bartoloni, and juniors Kayla Villafana and Olivia Russo all look to bring this team back where it once was. With Kennedy Park being renovated, you can catch the softball team at Hilltop Elementary School and the baseball team at Lodi High School.

Last but not least, we have Track & Field. With last year’s team breaking records left and right, the team will be put to the test to see if they can surpass those goals achieved last season. Even though the team is young, they do have a few athletes with experience to help the novice athletes grow. Seniors Miguel Sarante, Natasha Lopez, Nicole Tineo, and Maros Arbaca look to give guidance to some underclassmen such as Jahmir Jennings, Amanda Barrett, and Ayden Luybimov. With the teams home track meets taking place at Memorial Park, it should not be a hassle to come support our runners and throwers.