2014 Environmental Awareness Challenge Grant


Mrs. Saltos-Banks at the check ceremony.

The Bergen County Utilities Authority’s (BCUA) sponsors the 2014 Environmental Awareness Challenge Grant, of which Lodi High School has been the recipient. The grant is design by the BCUA to increase recycling and environmental awareness in Bergen County; It is available to all Bergen County public and private schools that conduct activities for the environment. This is the third year running that Lodi High School has been awarded this grant for $1,000.

The first grant in 2012-2013 was awarded for the construction of the greenhouse to which Mrs. Rozman applied, but Mrs. Saltos-Banks and Mr. Fusco and his crew brought to fruition.

The second grant in 2013-2014 was awarded for the raised flower beds, rain water collection barrels, and watering cans made with recycled materials. Mrs. Rozman wrote and applied for the grant and ordered the materials but Mrs. Saltos-Banks and Ms. Ho-Phan did the planting and growing of the plants and Mr. Fusco, with his crew, assembled the flower beds, and attached the water barrels to the greenhouse.

The third grant in 2014-15 was awarded for four outdoor trash and recycle containers. This idea was a combined effort of Mr. D’Amico and Mrs. Rozman as she wrote and applied for the grant. The containers have been ordered and are expected to arrive in two weeks.

Thanks to the effort of the science department and administration, Lodi High School is now working towards a better environment.