Minute to Win It: 60 Spooky Seconds

As we all know, Halloween is a holiday in which individuals let out their inner silly child. This is why Lodi’s very own teachers have decided to celebrate with the sweetness of competition which included candy corn, donuts, and a layer of pumpkin. In the first challenge, Mr. Tuttle and Mr. Way went head to head in a war of the candy corn.  They each had a minute to grab as many candy corn as they could could and place them in a bucket.  Seems easy, doesn’t it? Well there is a catch:  To complete this challenge, the teachers weren’t allowed to use their hands. The second challenge consisted of a pumpkin cup pile up.  In this challenge, Mr. Tuttle and Mr. Way had one minute to place the plastic cups in the correct order to form a pumpkin face. The rivalry grew for this last final challenge.  In this last challenge, Mr. Tuttle’s and Mr. Way’s appetite took a sweet turn.  For this challenge, a doughnut was placed on a string that was hanged across the room.  The main goal was to eat the doughnut without actually touching it.  But, if the doughnut fell, the challenge was over and the opponent won. Check out the video to see who can win it in a minute!