Paving his Way through LHS


Alize Borjas and Rachel Leto

Lodi High School’s Math supervisor, Mr. Way, is a passionate and hardworking person who is a big contributor to the success of each school year. His passion and love for his job is so vibrant that it is felt by everyone he come across.  The Rampage asked Mr. Way a few questions to learn more about him and his time spent at LHS! Thank you Mr. Way for all you do for LHS!

Q:What college did you attend and what was your major? I attended St. Peter’s College where I majored in elementary education and later returned to New Jersey City University for my math degree.

Q:Why did you choose to teach math? I always enjoyed math; I just feel that it is interesting. It was my best subject besides gym all throughout grammar school and high school. I like to figure things out mathematically.

Q:What’s your favorite book/movie of all time and why? I’m not an avid reader at all, but I enjoy sports biographies the best. I read a book by John Wooden about coaching and it is a great book. My favorite movie is “Remember the Titans.” I like movies based on true stories.

Q:Did you always know you wanted to be a teacher? I really never thought about the future until I was forced to pick a major in college. So I guess, no; I didn’t think about teaching. It didn’t become a reality, until I started my student teaching assignment in 1997. But I’m definitely glad I chose it.

Q:Do you have anything on your bucket list? Bucket List! Wow, don’t have that either. I did tell my brother recently that I would love to attend a basketball game: Duke vs. North Carolina at Duke University in the future.

Q:What clubs and sports were you apart of in high school? I never got involved in clubs in high school because I was always involved in sports. I played football and baseball all through high school. One year of basketball and one year of winter track. Most of spare time was spend either in a sport or training for the upcoming season.

Q:Was it hard transitioning from being a teacher to vice principal at the middle school to teacher again? The transition to VP was difficult because it was very different from what I was doing, but back to teaching at LHS was easy. It has been a great experience for me these last three years.