We Got Pep How ‘Bout You?

Homecoming Pep Rally

After a rigorous morning with the powder puff game, the school settled down to finish the rest of their day –that is until Pep Rally! The periods were shortened which gave us extra time for a “10th period.” This wasn’t just a regular pep rally though… this was the annual Homecoming. The day was filled with the anticipation of the last home football game and the homecoming dance on Saturday night but in school on Friday the seniors were taking in what would be their last high school homecoming pep assembly. After all of the grades arrived and settled into the gym, the Marching Band came out and performed their Bruno Mars routine which included a surprise dance routine from members of the drum line. They finished their performance with “Treasure,” and returned to their seats with a thundering applause.

Mr. Tirico called out the football players and introduced each of the seniors who would be playing their last home game in high school. After they were settled to the side he announced the Homecoming King Nominees:
Joey Paladino
Johnny Calabrese
Matt Leto
Kevin Mahon
Gorav Kumar

Following our Homecoming Kings, Mrs. Yzquierdo announced the rest of the Homecoming court. There were 25 candidates but only five would become part of the court. Every essay that was written received points from those who voted so every girl who applied was in the run for the title. The girls who won titles in the Homecoming court are as followed:
3rd Runner Up: Caroline Romero
2nd Runner Up: Brianna Rohr
1st Runner Up: Kassie Luna and Morgan Guarino
2014 Homecoming Queen: Sukhi Kaur

The crowd cheered as the Homecoming court took their lap around the gym, making this year’s Homecoming Pep Rally as memorable as the seniors had hoped.