Home Life vs. Dorm Life

                  Home life vs. Dorm life

Pros of Dorm Life

  • Independence! ~Living in a dorm teaches you responsibility and also how to be more mature.
  • Socialization! ~You meet different people, and it’s easier to form friendships. You also are more aware of campus activities.
  • Less “Parental” Supervision~There comes a time when you just have to leave the nest. Dorm life definitely gives you the chance to find who you really are as a person without your parents being there to baby you.
  • Fun/Experience! ~ College is four years you’ll never get back so you might as well enjoy the full experience. Living on campus will make the commute to classes easier and you’ll always be in the know of what’s going on around campus. It’s like you become part of the school rather then a visitor who is just coming to class a few times a week.

Pros of living at home

  • Money ~ Living at home while attending college is a HUGE money saver. Room and board at colleges costs thousands of dollars per year. Staying at home eliminates that debt. You can also skip the meal plan that most colleges require you to get when you dorm. Gas and parking expenses will be the only costs you will be worried about.
  • Family Support ~ If you are having a bad day or are stressed about your classes, your family will always be right there in the other room for advice and support.
  • Escape ~ Living at home allows you to escape from all the campus activity. You’re able to get away from all the teachers and classmates when things begin getting too stressful. Living at home allows for more of a life aside from the college.
  • Personal Space ~ Although you’ll still be living with your family, you will still have your own room with no worries of a “bad” roommate. You also won’t have to share the bathroom with random strangers while at home.