The Lodi Rampage

New Year, New You

December 20, 2019

Kiss 2019 goodbye as the new year is quickly approaching! It is almost time for new beginnings and a fresh start for better opportunities. Thinking about being a “new you” for this new year? In th...

Spirited Students of LHS

December 20, 2019

Although functions as Lodi High School continue as planned throughout the Winter season, there is without a doubt an aura of Holiday Spirit in the air. Talk of the holidays is heard left and right, and ...

Student vs Teacher: Holiday Trivia

December 18, 2019

As the holiday season approaches, many people enjoy the basics: gift giving, themed foods, essential films, and casual festivities; however, do they they truly know their holiday? To get a grand scope of...

Ending on a High Note: Dr. Macri Retirement

June 20, 2019

For 33 years, Dr. Macri has been the head of many generations of school bands. Under her leadership, she has allowed for many students to express themselves freely, whether it be through marching band,...

Curtain Call for Coffee House

April 17, 2019

With April comes the final Coffee House of the year. This, of course, serves as a bittersweet reminder to the seniors that their senior is coming to an end. However, this Coffee House should not be seen...

What’s Brewing?: Last Call!

What’s Brewing?: Last Call!

April 19, 2018

That time has come --the final coffee house took place on April 6, and for many of the performers, it was their final coffee house. Though the beginning was upbeat and happy, the final words spoken by host...

Grand Honors’ Band Performance

Grand Honors’ Band Performance

Steven Malki, Editor

March 8, 2018

On March 2, 2018, the Lodi High School Honors Band performed their annual Recital for everyone to hear. This group includes some of the smartest musicians in the school. These very involved students, who...

MARCHing Our Way into the Season

MARCHing Our Way into the Season

September 21, 2017

"MARK TIME MARK,  FORWARD HARCH" Year after year, students and teachers are always excited for the football season. Some may be looking forward to intense tackles and successful field goals, but to ...