MARCHing Our Way into the Season



Year after year, students and teachers are always excited for the football season. Some may be looking forward to intense tackles and successful field goals, but to many, the Lodi Marching Band is the real show stopper. Their ability to always deliver their pure talent would not be possible without the help of their constant after school practices. It takes dedication and a love for music to truly experience the Lodi Marching Band.

In charge of the marching band is music director for the high school, Dr. Macri. Marching band would not run as smoothly as it does without the dedication of Sarah Santana as Drum Major, Michael Varrecchia as her assistant, Carina Lamas as Pit Captain, and Bryan Gonzalez as Drum Captain. 


Get To Know The Band!


This year, Dr. Macri is most excited about performing Lady Gaga. She describes her students as “talented, enthusiastic, reliable, and filled with personality.” She expects nothing more than drive, desire, discipline, and dedication from the young musicians. Before every performance, Dr. Macri always reminds her Marching Rams, including her leaders, to work hard and have fun!

Sarah Santana is a Junior at Lodi High School and is the current Drum Major for the Marching Rams. Sarah feels honored and humbled by this opportunity. She grew up with the band so she is beyond grateful being able to lead them. She told the Rampage, “I learned a lot about family and tradition my first two years and now I’m one of the people that can introduce this idea. Don’t forget that you always have someone here for you in the band.”

As Assistant Drum Major for the second year around, Micheal Varrecchia, a senior, has learned the true meaning of leadership and what it takes to fully undergo a successful season. Michael got to be where he is today through understanding how past leaders in band handled their priorities. Other than being one of the best trumpet players in the Marching Band, Michael got this position through demonstrating the highest qualities of leadership needed to watch over the field.

As a sophomore, Bryan Gonzalez has absolutely no fear with commanding his drum line as their Drum Captain. He believes age does not change the goal, which is to push the limits of what is expected. Bryan knows that in order to complete to be successful in school work or the Marching Band, he needs to put his whole mind and body into it; it’s what pushes him to remain a good leader, and stay strong throughout the new season.

As a senior, Carina Lamas had never imagined to be where she was today. Throughout high school, the thought of dropping out of band always came to mind because of her feeling of not fitting in, but after earning the role of Pit Captain, she finally found her place. “I love the pit. It’s as simple as that. I’m truly honored, as well as grateful, to have the privilege to work with the seven most talented and passionate people I have ever met.”

The Lodi Rampage would like to wish the Marching Rams a fun and successful season!