Project Graduation 2016

November 15, 2015

Calling all Class of 2016!  Have any plans for after graduation? A nice dinner with the family? A party with friends?  Maybe even site seeing the city as a newly graduated “adult.” This year’s Project Graduation Committee is here to give you all of those options in one solution: Dinner and party on the Hudson.  With breathtaking views and amazing atmosphere, this is one project graduation you will not want to miss.  There will be a DJ, food, comedian, fortune teller, a photo booth, and much more.  This is an amazing and the last opportunity that the Class of 2016 will get to spend with the people that have seen them go through it all.  From bad hair days, to school lock downs, to redeeming themselves at Powder Puff, they’ve done it all.  Whether your moments at Lodi High School were good or bad, this is it. There is no going back after June 21, but you can move forward with one last night, until 3 AM that is.

The plan is to gather everyone after graduation, load them onto buses at 9 PM and arrive at Weehawken, NJ around 10 PM. The students will board the cruise at 10 PM and party until 2 AM.  This cruise goes up and down the Hudson while giving you astonishing views of the New York City Skyline and the Statue of Liberty. Once that is over, the students will get back on the buses and return to Lodi High School around 3 AM.

If you want one last night of fun, making memories with some of your favorite people, you should all check out this Go Fund Me page that the committee has set up for us.  With lavish ideas come lavish prices, so the committee is going to need your help fundraising this event.  Do you have a dollar to spare? Maybe your rich uncle is stuck on what to get you for a graduation present –well here it is!  Every cent gets us closer to this wonderful opportunity, so share this link with your friends and family.

The Go Fund Me page is:

The Project Graduation Committee would like to thank you for your consideration and support.

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