Mystery Teacher!

Allie Vazquez

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The Ram Hunters
May 25, 2015
Mystery Teacher!
  • If he couldn’t teach, he would go into architecture.
  • The one superpower he would like to have would be the ability to read people’s minds.
  • If you asked him what his favorite kind of music was ten years ago, it would’ve been rap, but as of now, it’s the Oldies.
  • His hobbies include coaching, playing sports, and doing puzzles.
  • He attended William Paterson University.
  • His spirit animal would be a monkey for reasons unknown.
  • Unlike most people, he was a floater in high school not belonging to any clique.
  • His first job was Domino’s pizza!
  • His favorite movie is Friday Night Lights because the summer before his senior year, when Mr. Ciofalo was his coach, Mr. Ciofalo bought tickets for the whole team to go watch it in theaters.


*Okay, readers! The reveal you’ve all been waiting for…last issue’s “Mystery Teacher” was none other than… Mrs. Kuhl!