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When We Know It, You'll Know It

The Lodi Rampage

When We Know It, You'll Know It

The Lodi Rampage

When We Know It, You'll Know It

The Lodi Rampage

Hispanic Heritage Month


“Education is what allows you to stand out” – Ellen Ochoa. These inspirational words originate from former female astronaut Ellen Ochoa. She was the first ever Hispanic woman to go to space, serving a nine day mission. She serves as an example of the many Hispanic-Americans serving the Hispanic community with unbelievable accomplishments, adding on to the long history of greatness. 


In the span of 31 days, 21 countries spread through four continents combine to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month in the United States. 

  • North America : Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Puerto Rico
  • South America: Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela 
  • Europe: Spain
  • Africa: Equatorial Guinea 


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Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated during September 15th – October 15th. More than one month is needed to celebrate the vast cultural diversity of these unique countries — the U.S. has a population of over 62 million Hispanic people! With this in mind, the U.S. honors the significant history behind these fantastic backgrounds and cultures. 

Being Hispanic is something to take pride in and there are famous celebrities and athletes who give the community a healthy image.

In addition to her countless years of professionalism in both her acting and musical career, Selena Gomez has used her huge platform to impact the world. She is the founder of the ‘Rare Impact Fund’ raising funds for those who need more attention to mental health. Nowadays, mental health is not such a controversial topic like it has been in the past and Selena adds on to battling mental health.

Not many can say they were able to reach the most prestigious baseball league in the world – MLB. This is not the case for Puerto Rican baseball star, Alex Rodriguez, who took the league by storm for over a decade, inspiring many kids around the United States. His notable achievements are being a fourteen time All-Star, World Series Champion in 2009 and a two times Golden Glove Award winner. His passion for baseball is not only on the field. He donated 3.9 million dollars to the University of Miami to renovate their baseball field, which is now named after him.

Born in Los Angeles to Mexican parents (who abandoned him), famous actor/comedian George Lopez created and starred in the sitcom George Lopez. No matter what time it was, when his show was on air viewers were destined to die of laughter. He became one of few Latino actors to star in his own show in the early 2000s, paving the way for several other Hispanic actors to accomplish their dreams. His brilliant career earned him a Hollywood Star on the Walk of Fame. George Lopez is a prime example of the phrase, “if you want it, you have to earn it”. His hard work ethic paid off, granting him the opportunity to host his own talk show “Lopez Tonight.” 

There are many ways to celebrate and support Hispanic Heritage Month. For example, if you have a love for cooking, learn a new recipe such as Gallo Pinto. The famous Costa Rican dish consisting of rice and beans as a base, gallo pinto has a long history and is important to Nicaraguan and Costa Rican identities and cultures. It’s typically served as a part of a hearty breakfast, alongside fried or scrambled eggs, with accompaniments such as sour cream (“natilla” in Costa Rica, which is thinner than the American variety), a crispy slice of fried white cheese (“queso frito”), plantains, sliced avocado, a corn tortilla, and a strong cup of coffee.

For those who cannot cook up a meal in the kitchen, there are plenty of alternatives. Take a twenty minute drive to Hawthorne on Sunday, October 8th for their Hispanic Heritage Month celebration from 1pm-5pm. There is no required fee to enter the festivities which will be jam packed with lively music, dancing, and endless plates of food.

If you would rather stay at home with your family and get cozy in the living room, the 2017 film Coco, which received the Best Animated Feature and Best Original Song, is a great opportunity to learn more about Mexican culture and traditions, keeping you entertained throughout the 1 hour and 45 min long film.

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