A Starry Day and Night!


October 8th, a day filled with enjoyable events and ongoing traditions! Lodi High School’s Homecoming game, ceremony, and dance have been an exciting tradition for many years now! 

The day began with a win for the football team! During the game, Shane Bell (Sophomore) scored the first three touchdowns, followed by touchdowns from Jorden Enigam (Senior) and Wellington Ortega (Senior). The extra point kicks were all made by Harun Agus (Junior). On the defensive side, Peter Rossi (Junior) had two sacks and Sean Kuhl (Senior) had 10 tackles. Other standouts include Evan Kuhl’s (Sophomore) 180 passing yards, Wellington Ortega’s 84-yard run, and Shane Bell’s 80 receiving yardage. 

In addition to the start of homecoming, this game was also Senior Day for our football, cheerleading, and band seniors. They were honored and introduced with their families before the start of the game. Coach Maggio had a few nice words to say about his seniors, “This year’s group of seniors are very special to me because many have been with me for four years now! They are a great group of young men, who give it their all and give us everything they have! I am very proud of all of them and I wish them the best! Go Rams!” Coach Sargenti, the Cheerleading Coach added on behalf of her and the other coaches, “We are so incredibly proud of our senior cheerleaders and their dedication to their team this year! They are all going to do great things in their future and we wish them the best of luck!”

Half time brought the beginning of Homecoming festivities. The Queen and her court, who were announced the previous day, arrived at the field  in luxury  cars, a long standing tradition. Cheerleading Captain Lea Mike won the title of Homecoming Queen this year! When Lea was asked what winning meant to her she responded, “To me winning means my hard work paid off and with this title I should continue to lead as a positive example for our school community!” When first runner up, Naomi Santiago, was asked how she upholds school values, she shared her experience with the LHS Core Values Group:, “We have a few projects in the works to implement school values. My assigned value is perseverance.” Second runner, Ronni Calabrease, shared what winning Queen would have meant to her: “Winning homecoming queen would have confirmed I did make a positive impression on people, such as being a role model and continuing to uplift others within the school.” Finally, Drum Major, Nicole Funez, won the title of Third Runner Up. When asked why she ran for Homecoming court, Nicole said, “ I ran for homecoming Queen because I never really broke out of my shell the way I would’ve wanted to and this was something out of my comfort zone.” All of the young women embodied the grace and poise expected from representatives of the school community. 

Ending off the night was the big Homecoming Dance.​ There was music, food, dancing, and many memories captured in photos! The Queen and her court were introduced and honored for the final time and  the King, Nathan Fernandez, was also chosen as the winner. Nathan Fernandez shared that, “He was very surprised to win, but also very honored!” Homecoming was a very exciting and thrilled event to kick start the month of October! Congratulations to Lodi High School’s football team, cheerleaders, marching band and Homecoming Court!