Unorganized Reviews: Chocolate Ganache Sourdough Review


So I was just shopping around a bit in the H-Mart of Little Ferry and found two things to review in time for Valentine’s Day. This one is my favorite of the two. I remember once they had some sort of cinnamon crumbcake, but ever since that has been banished to the Shadow Realm.


And this is what it looks on the inside. Being ganache, of course it will have a creamy texture, but the chocolate shavings have a crunch to it and the sourdough compliments nicely with the sweetness of the chocolate. I was expecting the bread to have a stronger chocolate taste, but I guess that would’ve been too much when the main star is the ganache. This was not the first time I’ve had this though, but they are definitely consistent in the quality of this pastry. With all said and done, 8/10. It was good, although the ganache to bread ratio could’ve been a little more balanced. Stay tuned for the next food review for St. Patrick’s Day at Blackjack Mulligan’s in Garfield.