Thanksgiving Celebration


When you think of fall, you typically think of leaves, pumpkins, apples, and a nice, peaceful breeze that greets you when you go outside. You also think of two famous holidays: Halloween and one other! The spooky season of All Hallows’ Eve is over, meaning that the next big holiday is here: Thanksgiving. Fall is already halfway through! With the many different cultures and so much diversity, people all around the world celebrate Thanksgiving in different ways.

On the day of this festive holiday, people usually feast on a set of different dishes. These common dishes include a moist baked turkey, smooth and creamy mashed potatoes, rich and sticky macaroni and cheese, and more! To end the whole feast, what do people typically eat? A slice of sweet pumpkin pie! However, there are many things people from different cultures eat on Thanksgiving. 

Chinese-Americans eat soft dumplings, moist roast duck stuffed with sticky rice, sweet mochi for dessert, and more! The Middle-Eastern Americans eat soft rice, crisp healthy salad, and a flavor-packed Canadian-Syrian stuffing. Hispanic-Americans are known to celebrate the holiday by making chuchitos, pupusas, and enchiladas! Chuchitos are a type of tamales filled with meat and a tomato based sauce, which get wrapped in corn husks. Pupusas are thick griddle cakes that are made of cornmeal or rice. 

Outside of the food aspect of this holiday, on a nationwide topic, there are also countries that celebrate Thanksgiving on different dates. For example, Canada celebrates it on the second Monday of October each year. This is because their Thanksgiving is more connected to the beginning of the harvest season, which for them, comes before the United States’ harvest season due to them being more North. The country of Grenada specifically celebrates on Oct. 25 annually! This is because in 1983, that was the day when the US invaded Grenada, and restored its political stability!

Different cultures across the world each have their own way of celebrating Thanksgiving. However, the most important thing to remember is to give thanks. That is what makes Thanksgiving the holiday that we know today, both, nationally and internationally! Happy Thanksgiving! 

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