Unorganized Cooking: Cricketpop

You know, I was really hoping the store, It’s Sugar, would’ve sold the sour cream and onion crickets, but I guess I’ll settle for a lollipop.

This isn’t a recipe, just a brief chronological review about this food. I’ve never done a food review, so this was exciting.

Entry 1:

This here is the product. I wonder where they got the cricket from. Like, did they just go straight to their backyard, freeze stun these crickets, and encase this insect in a sugary sap? Or, is there some farm I’m not aware of that breed crickets for human consumption, and this is just one of the many meals made with crickets?

Entry 2:

Call me King Louis XVI because I just chopped this crickets head off. This isn’t my first time eating this as I had one this August. I forgot how long it took for the lollipop to soften enough to where I can bite it with minimal dental damage. Actually, now that I look at it the shape of the lollipop, it kind of looks like a guillotine.

Entry 3:

Okay, now the sugars are starting to get to me. Although if you do want to know what it tastes like, it’s nutty and earthy. Texturally, (Wow, I actually spelled that right first shot) it’s flaky and crunchy.

Entry 4:

I don’t feel so good. Probably would’ve been better had the cricket been fried rather than coated in a brick of blue colored sugar.

Anyways, what do I have to say about this? Well, the cricket itself tastes good, but maybe use better sugar next time, Turbinado maybe. Or maybe dust the cricket in sugar instead, or even honey roast it like pecans. All in all, I give this a 3/5, mostly because I did get the cricket I wanted, but I became nauseated from the sugars itself.