Appreciate the Hand That Feeds You!

Out of all the different staff members that make Lodi High School the great institution that it is, one particular group of patrons may go unnoticed more than others. Our school’s cafeteria workers slave for hours to feed nearly 1,000 kids every day of the school week! This tiring work goes unnoticed no longer; Morgan Guarino and I interviewed Elizabeth, a student favorite among the lunch women. Speaking about the school as a whole, Elizabeth noted it as a”good experience.” Having never worked in a school setting before this year, she is very much enjoying herself. Elizabeth enjoys the company of the students as much as they enjoy hers! “We feel that the teachers are doing a great job with these kids,” said Elizabeth on behalf of the cafeteria staff. We also briefly talked to Max Koykas, former LHS student and current LHS cafeteria worker. He said his new job is “awesome” and that it’s “great to be back.” For those that don’t know what Max does behind the scenes, he handles food deliveries and storage. Finally, on behalf of the Lodi High School student body and teaching staff, we wish to show our undying appreciation to our cafeteria staff!