A Celebration of Collobaration: Clubs of LHS


COVID-19 has had a huge impact on the way we live, whether it be not being able to go out out with friends, an incomplete school year, or the shutdown of non-essential businesses. Many forget that quarantine has also shut down the businesses of Lodi High School. These small businesses of LHS were run by our fellow students. These businesses helped our school flourish and gave students a reason to unite and most importantly — a purpose. The businesses of LHS were our clubs. Lodi High School has many clubs, including Key club, French Club, Interact, Diverse Cultures, Student Council, Listening Room, and many more. They held bake sales, fundraisers, school dances, events, etc. They were the heart of our school and many students miss them, especially their officers.

To help commemorate our clubs and to relive the memories, we interviewed officers from a variety clubs and asked them to help bring a positive light to our situation.

Question: What is the most memorable moment from any club you were a part of ? 

Olivia Russo (Former President of Student Council, current Treasurer of Student Council, President of Diverse Cultures): “My most memorable moment is definitely carrying out all of the plans that we’d spend so much time to plan (for clubs like Student Gov. and Student Council).”

Anna Sancilio (President for Student Council, V.P of Diverse Cultures, VP of Key Club): “Being in clubs all four years of my high school career was very memorable. Completing projects together and raising money for our class makes me feel so happy because with all of our hard work, we are able to use our funds responsibly and efficiently. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we will be missing out on a lot of our planned fundraisers; however, I know that our senior student council advisor, Mr. Romeo, will make sure that we are using our funds for the good.”

Alessandra Mogrovejo (Treasurer of NHS): “It is always the first meeting. It is always great to see new and old faces and getting an insight on how the year will be.”

Kasandra Paradiso (President of  American Red Cross): “My favorite memory was when I started my own club junior year: The American Red Cross Club.”

Question: What is your favorite past fundraiser or club event that truly made an impact, whether it be in or outside of school?

Olivia Russo: “My favorite club event that truly left an impact was when Karen and I, who are co-presidents of the Diverse Cultures Club, were able to carry out our American Sign Language classes. More people showed up than expected and I was looking forward to learning ASL in greater depth with the rest of my club members.”

Anna Sancilio:My favorite past club fundraiser was when we created care packages with our past advisor, Mrs. Gorski. This was all a nonprofit fundraiser and we designed bags filled with daily essentials for foster children in need. To add, another favorite memory was our car wash last year. Mrs. Gorski got us pizza and I remember everyone’s parents coming with their cars. It was a very hot day with a lot of sun burns, but the memories will last a lifetime.”  

Alessandra Mogrovejo: “It has to be any haunted house. They’re always fun to plan and execute and they’re always a good way to get into the Halloween mood.”

Kasandra Paradiso: “My favorite past fundraiser was the cake pop sale. We sold a lot and stayed up until 2 a.m baking the cake pops.” 

Question : What did you learn and take away from participating in clubs ? 

Olivia Russo:By participating in clubs, I learned that anything that you WANT to happen for your class/the school as a student will only happen if you truly work hard and push for it. In the end, all of that hard work and dedication pays off and the class of 2020 is a prime example of that as we were the class that had raised the most money in a long time at LHS.” 

Anna Sancilio: While participating in clubs, I have learned to work more with people and appreciate other’s help. Being a Capricorn,  I like to do things independently and sometimes it is hard for me to accept help from people. However, being the class president as taught me the importance of working and collaborating with people, making sure that everyone’s needs are met. To add, participating in clubs has opened my friend group to many. I enjoy meeting new people and learning new social skills along the way.”

Alessandra Mogrovejo: I learned about the importance of teamwork and time management. Between school and club activities, I was able to learn how to spend my time wisely.”

Kasandra Paradiso:I learned how to be a better leader and take charge.”

Question: Do you have any advice for the future officers of LHS? 

Olivia Russo: No idea is ever a bad idea. And make sure you fight for what you want until you possibly can’t go any further. After all, it’s your school and your class.” 

Anna Sancilio: “WORK HARD THROUGHOUT ALL YOUR FOUR YEARS! I say this proudly because with the help from Mrs. Gorski, we came into senior year with plenty of money to cover prom and graduation payments, ALREADY. We continued to raise money because we wanted more for the end of our year, even though things went a little sour. Listen to your grade and get their feedback. What would they like for your grade to do? Maybe you can potentially create a new fundraiser. To add, do not be afraid to be annoying. Ask anybody around our school, they cannot stand when I constantly ask them to purchase something or be apart of a fundraiser. The more persistent you are, they will finally give you a shot and listen to you. Make your point clear and get those sales!! EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS!”

Alessandra Mogrovejo: To future officers: Have fun, stay on top of things, and listen to other members. Teamwork is the key to success.” 

Kasandra Paradiso: My advice for others would be to be participate in as much as you can and to start a club of your own if your passionate about it.”

 Question: What would you like to say to your fellow club members and advisors as your final goodbye?

Olivia Russo: I’d like to thank all of the advisors that I’ve had when it came to all clubs. With all the sports I did, you all were so patient with me when it came to meetings. To all remaining club members, I thank you all for doing your part in keeping all of the clubs at LHS up and running. They are important and a solid part of the LHS community but I believe they are being passed down into good hands! Thank you for all of the memories.” 

Alessandra Mogrovejo:It was fun. I enjoyed my time in all the clubs I’ve participated in at LHS and I am glad to have shared all of this experiences with everyone.”

Anna Sancilio: Wow, this makes me cry as I hear this question. I want to thank our 2020 senior class Student Council for sticking through during the four years, constantly bending over backwards and being open to any type of fundraiser. Especially my student council officers, thank you for listening to me and helping me in desperate times. We worked so hard for our funds and memories, but unfortunately COVID-19 took this away from us. However, WE ARE BETTER THAN THAT. We are strong and I know that we will all get through this. We are the most unique group of individuals in our school and we stick out from the rest. I appreciate all of you and love you guys with all my heart. Mrs. Gorski, you are my second mother. You have helped me through so much whether it was during the soccer season, student council, or personal issues. I appreciate everything you do for me and it is so hard saying goodbye. I will definitely be back to visit! To Mr. Romeo: I know we ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS bang heads and have our little disagreements, but you have taught me many life lessons that I will never forget. I appreciate you and I cannot wait to visit you and bug you next year. Overall, I love everyone that I have worked with while being in Student Council and I would not want it any other way!