A Day in the Life of Paola De La Cruz

Jennifer Mahon, Contributor

The Lodi Rampage’s very own, Paola De La Cruz is an up and coming, class of 2021, Princeton Tiger! Paola is a senior attending one of the most prestigious ivy league schools in the nation where she plans on studying economics and politics and would like to a receive a certificate of proficiency in entrepreneurship.

With Princeton being her first choice, she says how she was afraid to apply. However, now that she committed to attend in the fall she says that she is looking forward to everything. She can’t wait to meet new people and hear their stories and, as corny as she thinks it sounds, she is excited to be educated. Aside from the joy she expresses, she is especially nervous about keeping up with all her classes and staying on top of all her obligations.  However, as long as she stays focused she will be successful, and no matter what happens, Paola says how grateful she is for the opportunity she has received and knows that the next four years will be the greatest time of her life.

Paola plans on becoming involved in Princeton’s extracurricular activities such as the debate panel, the Hidden Minority Council, and the Entrepreneurship club, while also getting involved with the Latin community or a group or club that pertains to diversity. She would also like to try something new for a change of pace like dancing, or a poetry, or philosophy club.

Although she is ready for the next chapter in her life, Paola says how she will miss Lodi High School dearly because she loves it so much and has grown to be comfortable within these four walls. Come this fall Paola will be on her way to Princeton University achieving great things for a successful future.