Marissa Vartolone and Kayla O'Brien

The Powder Puff Seniors vs. Juniors game is an ongoing tradition at Lodi High School. Sources said that this game was taken much more seriously than past ones. The senior girls were coached by Jans Riascos, Sean Kuhl, Josh Sanchez, Jaylen Duran, and Wellington Ortega. The junior girls were coached by PJ Rossi, Kendrick Gyamfy, Delwin Guerro, Ryan Mastroflippo, Robert Cardone, and Jermaine Jiles. Coaches from both teams ensured players were well-trained before heading onto the field.

Once the game was in play, the players knew their plays and positions, which led to an action-filled game. First touchdown was made by Benita Osmani, Senior. The next touchdown of the game was made by Senior, Lea Mike. The Juniors began to score in the second quarter with a touchdown by Edelyn Taveras. Edelyn stated, “As soon as I scored the first and only touchdown during powderpuff, a feeling of euphoria came over me. Seeing my teammates, coaches, and all the other students cheer for me put a great smile on my face!” Although they scored once, they were unable to comeback, which left the game with a final score of 14-6. 

Meanwhile, cheerleaders were motivating both players and the spectators. The senior cheerleaders were coached by Julie G and Ronni Calabrese. The junior cheerleaders were coached by Eliana and Rhianna. The boys on both sides were sharp with their cheers, and had stunts that had the crowd shocked. During halftime, the senior cheerleaders began their routine with an intricate stunt that was done flawlessly. Thankfully, there were no fallen cheerleaders within both halftime routines.

Although the band was excellent, we can’t say the same for the stands. The time where the audience was cheering the most was during the halftime performances. On the other hand the band was playing flawlessly throughout the game, and helped out the cheerleaders during their cheers on the sidelines. The drums, played by Omar Lopez, were breaktaking, along with the rest of the band. Overall, the game was fun to watch, and fun to be a part of. Let’s see if the juniors are able to make a comeback next year!