The Eleventh Hour of the Eleventh Day of the Eleventh Month

Eisha Iman

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“The eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month.” Yes, that’s Veterans Day. This day comes every year and has, since the end of World War I. On Nov. 11, many gather together, not just as communities across the nation, but as one nation to remember those that have served in the U.S. military –those who have risked their lives for this nation and its people. 

Some do not know what a veteran is or why this day is a federal holiday. Well to begin, a veteran is one who has served in the military. It could be anyone –a grandparent, a parent, a sibling, an aunt, an uncle, a cousin, a friend, or simply a stranger. On Veterans Day, we especially remember those who have served during times of war in this country. Those who have passed and those who, thankfully, are alive. 

Many across the nation gather together to celebrate in their own way. From Lodi’s yearly memorial service to New York City’s Veterans Day Parade to the memorial at Arlington National Cemetery, appreciation is shown everywhere. 

For those who died in the line of duty, we are forever grateful. For those that have served, we appreciate all your hard work! To those that continue to serve, we thank you! We thank you for your service! We thank you for your bravery! We thank you for defending our freedom! We thank you for serving our country! We thank you for putting us first! We thank you for all that you have done!

Fun Facts About Veterans Day:

  • It is not “Veteran’s Day.” It is “Veterans Day.” 
  • Veterans Day used to be called Armistice Day.
  • According to, as of April 2021 there are 19 million living veterans.
  • Veterans Day used to be celebrated on the fourth Monday of every October. 
  • Veterans Day is celebrated on “The eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month.” This is a representation from the end of WWI.