When We Know It, You'll Know It

The Lodi Rampage

Shivangi Mistry
Q: What are you looking forward to for your senior year? A: Shivangi wants to make new memories and have the best year in high school. Q: Where do you want to go to college and what will your major be? A: Shivangi wants to go to FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) and major in beauty, fragrance, marketing, and merchandise. Q: What is your favorite makeup palette? A: Shivangi’s favorite palette is Modern Renaissance Q: Favorite food? A: Shivangi's favorite food is a hamburger.  Q: Where do you hope to see yourself in 10 years from now? A: Shivangi hopes to be at the top of the beauty world! Q: What superpower would you like to have? A: Shivangi would like to have the ability to travel through time.   Interviewed by Jennifer

Shivangi Mistry, Writer

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When We Know It, You'll Know It