The Lodi Rampage

  • FAFSA Day - 10/9
  • Homecoming Dance- 10/19
  • Homecoming Game - 10/18
Joanna Salgado
Q: What is one song you never get tired of listening to? 

A: Westcoast Collective by Dominic Fike.

Q: Are you excited about joining the Navy and what made you join? 

A: Oh yea, I’m really excited that I joined the Navy. I can’t wait to go. I joined because I have family in the Navy and other branches of the Military so they inspired me to want to join. I’ve kind of always wanted to join the Navy since I was younger so now I’m just going through with it.

Q: What is an irrational fear you have? 

A: I think my irrational fear is heights because I get a little scared if I’m high up on something without being buckled in. I’m okay with roller coasters because I’m locked in, but I hate seeing how high it goes so it just depends I guess. 

Q: What do you see yourself doing after the Navy? 

A: When I retire from the Navy I’ll be 38, so, I hope I’ll have a family by then and be settled down. I’ll probably get another job in the Meteorology field too just to keep my money up. 

Joanna Salgado, Writer

Sep 23, 2019
Keeping Up with the Captains (Fall Edition) (Story)