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Haneen Alsurakhi
Q: Do you read horoscopes? If so, do you believe them?

A: I read them, but I do not believe in them because they are against my religion.

Q: You are a new addition in the crayon box. What color would you be and why?

A: I would be a black crayon because it usually symbolizes people's fears and the darkness; but, I like to overcome my fears and some people don't see the true beauty in what the darkness can hold.

Q: What is your favorite fairy tale?

A: The Little Mermaid

Q: Where is your ideal vacation spot?

A: Anywhere in Italy mainly Rome or Venice. The country has such a rich history and I would love to spend however long I need to make sure I visit every single city.

Q: What website do you use the most?

A: Well for school I use a lot of quizlet, like any other student. But sometimes when I am bored I scroll through pinterest to try and get my creativity flowing.

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