The Lodi Rampage

Aashka Mistry
Q: Since this is your last year in high school, how would you want to leave your mark on LHS?
A: I want to help as many people as I can and really try to make this senior year memorable for everyone.

Q: What is one thing that nobody knows about you?
A: A lot of people think I’m shy, but I’m definitely not shy. You just have to get to know me and then I can truly be my crazy and fun self around you.

Q:  What is one superpower you would want to have?
A: Teleportation. Then I can go to any place I want, just like that. I love traveling, going to new places, seeing new things, meeting new people, and having fun anywhere.

Q: What is your favorite memory made in high school?
A: High school in itself has been a very big memory; but, I will always remember the pep rallies --those are always great. Also, I had the opportunity to go to RYLA camp for Interact Club, and I learned so much about leadership, growth, and to how to balance life in the future.

Q: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
A: Probably in California or Mumbai with my family. I see myself as having a successful and happy life with whatever career I decide to choose.

Aashka Mistry, Writer

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