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It's Time to Get Up

It’s Time to Get Up

May 16, 2020

In a time like this more than ever, people have been struggling to work out and go outdoors. While being quarantined, a lot of people have been getting serious cases of cabin fever. Teens and young ad...

Just Add Water!

Just Add Water!

April 20, 2020

It is a known fact that humans should drink water for their health. As we age, we are told to consume liquids to stay hydrated. However, teens and young adults often do not realize how crucial and ben...

Where Did Spring Sports Go?

Where Did Spring Sports Go?

March 29, 2020

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 outbreak has taken a very negative turn to not only the nation, but to the world. To prevent the spread of the outbreak, officials have been announcing emergency closures fo...

Don’t be Late for Our Date!

February 13, 2020

In the world, you may just be one person, but to one person you may be his/her world. In this video, 14 people were picked to describe their perfect Valentine's Day date. Whether it's going out on a whim...

Holiday Whisper Challenge

December 19, 2019

During the holiday season, people can become extra merry and cheerful. Many can be found chanting and singing classic Christmas tunes, while others are experiencing sugar rushes from all of the festive...

Christmas: Then and Now

December 19, 2019

No matter how much anyone tries to deny it, as you grow older the holidays are simply not the same as when we were young. Kids are filled with joy and holiday spirit and the older we get the more we begin...

Gobble Games

November 25, 2019

"Get ready, get set, GOBBLE!" Forget about eating turkey and all the other good food. Sit back and watch LHS students and staff show their competitiveness in Gobble Games. Students and teachers, both,...