Musical Rams

On Thursday, May 19, Lodi had its annual District band concert. This concert included all bands from each school and students of all ages. Mr. Ricco opened up the concert with his elementary school band and Mr. Kohrherr then continued the concert with his sixth grade band. After, Mr. Kohrherr brought out his seventh and eighth grade band. In between each change of bands, the Lodi High School Jazz Band played some of their pieces. After all the younger students played, the Lodi High School Concert Band performed pieces that included Star Wars, The Suite in F, and the Typewritter. In between songs, Doctor Macri called out the seniors, their college, and their intended major. She also pointed out that the senior boys were wearing kilts as an old joke from years passed. At the end, all the bands came together to play America the Beautiful to close the night.


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