The History of St. Patrick’s Day!

The History of St. Patricks Day!

When it comes to St. Patrick’s Day we all think of three things: a leprechaun, a pot of gold, and a four-leaf clover for good luck. Have you ever wondered what the real story behind the luck of the Irish was? How did these things even come to represent St. Patrick’s Day and why? Well this holiday was really only celebrated in Ireland on March 17 as a religious holiday to commemorate Saint Patrick. Yet today, this Irish feast day has now grown into an international holiday celebrating Irish culture ranging from dancing, parades, foods, and a lot of green. Starting with the history of St. Patrick’s Day, what is it about Saint Patrick that millions of people celebrate in his name on such a day?

Saint Patrick is known as the Patron Saint of Ireland for all his service, especially during the fifth century. Now you’re probably wondering where the color green came in? Did he wear green? No, he did not but he color green relates to the custom of “wearing of the green.” This means people will wear shamrocks and green clothing/accessories. The back story behind the shamrock involves Saint Patrick using the shamrock to explain to the people of Ireland the Holy Trinity.

Now onto luck. When it comes to a four-leaf clover, a leprechaun, and a pot of gold, here are some interesting facts about the luck of the Irish:

Leprechaun – It is said to be a male fairy in Irish mythology. If you are to come across a leprechaun and catch it, it is also said you will find a rainbow and a pot of gold. This one mythical being along with the rainbow and pots of gold are considered to be good luck charms. Fun fact: Just think about children’s favorite cereal brand, Lucky Charms.

Four-Leaf Clover – If you are to ever find a four-leaf clover you have to consider yourself lucky. This plant is so rare to find in nature as it is a clover with four leaflets rather than the normal three.

As you finish celebrating the day of Saint Patrick, now you can share all these interesting facts and even videos found on the Rampage! It’s your lucky day!