Nursing LHS Back to Health


Our school nurse, Mrs. DiGiacomo is one of the hardest working people in the building! She is perpetually ready to tend to students’ health-related issues. Caroline and Joe interviewed the nurse, so everyone can get to know her a little better.

Where are you from?

Park Ridge, New Jersey

How did you get into Nursing?

It was a second-career choice for me. I originally wanted to become a nutritionist in high school, but I was always into health so nursing was a great alternative. I started off working at Lodi High School as a secretary and went to school to become a nurse at Bergen Community College because I was informed that there was an opening. I spent three more years in school to get my BSN degree at New Jersey City University. I have worked here ever since as our school’s nurse! Additionally, I am currently pursuing my master’s degree in nursing and work as a home-care nurse on the side, so I am deeply involved and dedicated to my profession.

What are some of your responsibilities here?

I advocate for the students. Safety is my number one priority. I oversee medical conditions, administer medications, and tend to medical emergencies.

You’re stuck on a deserted island. You can only take three things with you. What do you take?

I would bring food, water, and my family of course. They are the three things I can’t survive without!


The Rampage would like to thank Mrs. DiGiacomo for her continued excellence in taking care of our students!