New Releases


The Imitation Game-

The Imitation Game is a suspenseful drama starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Alan Turing, a mathematician, cryptanalyst, and war hero. The film is set during the winter of 1952, and it appeals to viewers interested in watching a historical thriller. Based on the biography, Alan Turing: The Enigma by Andrew Hodges, the film starts off with Turing leading a diversified group of scholars to successfully crack Nazi Germany’s naval enigma code. Although Turing’s success helps the Allies win World War II, he is later arrested by British authorities because of his homosexuality. Thenceforth, the film accurately portrays Turing’s life during his prosecution. I highly recommend this film to anyone interested in a war story with great character depth.

The Wedding Ringer –

The Wedding Ringer is a comedic, light hearted film that follows a socially awkward groom-to-be in desperate need of a best man. With only two weeks left until his wedding, Doug Harris has luckily found Jimmy Callahan, owner and CEO of Best Man, Inc. The company provides perfect best man candidates for socially awkward men in need. In the process to pull off the big con, a hilarious string of events ensues along with a budding bromance. This film leaves its audience bursting with laughter.

Black Hat –

An action packed film that premiered on Jan. 16, Black Hat follows a dismissed convict, Nick Hathaway, along with his American and Chinese partner. Together they must pursue and investigate a powerful cyber crime network that is linked to a computer code that Hathaway designed in his youth. Shocking discoveries are made and Hathaway finds himself unable to mess up if he wishes to maintain his freedom. A must watch for anyone who loves a suspenseful, action packed film that challenges your thinking.