Beauty on a Budget: Makeup Dupes

For many, makeup is an essential part of their daily routine. We want the absolute best products to be a part of this routine but many times these products have astronomical price tags! Do we really have to pay these insane prices in order to get a good quality product? Of course not! The drugstore has tons of products that offer the same effect that these higher end products do at a fraction of the price. Here are a few drugstore essentials that perform and are the same quality as more expensive products.


High End Price: $52                                                Drugstore Price: $8













High End Price: $40                                                 Drugstore Price: $9.49













High End Price: $27                                                      Drugstore Price: $12.99












Loose Powder:

High End Price: $39                                                   Drugstore Price: $5.97













High End Price: $38                                                  Drugstore Price: $12













High End Price: $30                                                 Drugstore Price: $2.99













High End Price: $38                                                  Drugstore Price: $4.99












Eyeshadow Palette: 

High End Price: $129                                               Drugstore Price: $18













High End Price: $25                                                 Drugstore Price: $6.89












Eyebrow Pomade:

High End Price: $21                                                 Drugstore Price: $7.50