Jeans for Teens Charity

Every year more than two million kids in America face a period of homelessness or poverty. The clothing company, Aeropostale, is now collaborating with a charity called Jeans for Teens every year to collect used jeans and donate them to kids in need of clothing. Over the past few years, the charity, in collaboration with Aero, has collected over 5 million pairs of jeans. Aeropostale asked the principals of schools in Bergen County to join in their efforts. Mr. D’Amico asked National Honors Society to help lead the collection in LHS.  Lodi High School has collected a total of 31 jeans in only a couple of weeks. All of the jeans they collected are going to be donated to homeless shelters in our local area. This is the first time the NHS is participating in the charity and, hopefully, LHS participates every year!

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