T.V. Show Christmas Specials


The Simpsons – “Roasting on an open Fire”

Often regarded as the best Christmas episode ever made, The Simpsons’ “Roasting on an Open Fire” tells a jolly and wonderful holiday tale for all ages. In the episode, Homer is trying to make some extra money before Christmas for his kids and does this by working as a mall Santa. In order to raise money faster, he bets on dog racing. He bets on a small dog, named Santa’s Little Helper, and loses everything. At the end of the of the episode, as both, he and Bart, are looking for change in the parking lot, they find Santa’s Little Helper, the losing dog, abandoned. They decide to adopt him, thus ending one of the most inspiring Christmas stories to have graced a TV screen. It’s a wonderful story with a cheerful ending, perfect for the holiday season.

Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars- “How the ‘A’ Stole Christmas”
Of course, the list wouldn’t be complete without Pretty Little Liars taking on a Christmas-themed episode. Different than previous Christmas episodes, Pretty Little Liars’ “How the ‘A’ Stole Christmas” continues the story of the mystery of “A” and the girls, as they deal with murder and the ghost of Mona.Not necessarily a jolly episode, this one will keep you at the edge of your seat through and through.

a big bang christmas

The Big Bang Theory – “The Santa Simulation”
The Big Bang Theory is a hilarious show about a group of nerdy friends and their constant exploration and interaction with the “normal” world. In this episode, Leonard hosts a Christmas-themed Dungeons & Dragons game. In addition, Penny and the girls take Raj to a nightclub. This episode tucks at the heartstrings when it’s revealed that Sheldon asked Santa Claus to bring his grandfather back to life but he didn’t. The episode ends with Sheldon dreaming that Santa Claus visited him, explaining to him that bringing his grandfather back was beyond his powers. A sentimental episode but not one without its share of jolly and Christmas-themed jokes – making it a must watch with the family.

the office christmas

The Office- “Christmas Party”
The Office is a classic sitcom cumulating a number of seasons, each with its very own Christmas episode, but none having left a bigger impression than the second season’s “Christmas Party.” In the episode, the office hosts a secret Santa, but, manager, Michael Scott decides to turn it into a Yankee Swap instead, switching gifts around, because he was disappointed with the one he received. Jim panics when he learns that his sentimental gift to Pam was in the hands of Dwight, prompting escalating hilarious situations that ultimately end up with Pam trading her iPod for Jim’s gift, a teapot. This episode embraces the holiday spirit, showcasing the lesson that sentimental gifts always mean more than just expensive ones. This jolly, hilarious and sweet episode is one you should watch again this coming Christmas.