Diving Through the Decades: The 80s

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The 80s: a decade of iconic movies, homey TV shows, and catchy tunes. Although it may be hard to believe that the 1980s were over 30 years ago, the teachers in this video remember everything from that decade as if it was yesterday. Movies like The Breakfast Club and Gremlins were sure to bring them back in time to the good old days. TV shows like Full House made them reminisce to the times when they used to sing the whole theme song out loud. Songs like “Hungry Like The Wolf” and “When Doves Cry” made them fight the urge to bust an 80’s dance move right in front of the camera. But no matter what type of styles or trends are affiliated with the 80s, the teachers in this video show that this memorable decade is only associated with one thing in their minds: their childhoods.  Check out the video to see if the teachers really know their stuff about their decade!

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