The Oval Office of LHS


The LHS Student Government recently held their annual election. This election determined the group of dedicated individuals eager to represent the entire student body. These students are committed to making this 2017-2018 school year as enjoyable as possible. This year, the Student Government introduced its new adviser, Mr. Schram, who is looking forward to working with the officers and the administration to give the students what they want. With the cooperation of the student body, Mr. Schram is looking forward to bringing back events, such as Spirit Week. Mr. Schram explains, “We need to realize that we all have several things in common and one of those things is that we are all part of this great school. It is only great if WE make it great.” He expects his Student Government members to “transcend the normal cliques of high school and be able to reach out to everybody.” The members of the Student Government are looking forward to this exciting school year. Here are the winners:

Photo Cred: Shivangi Mistry



“I want to build the interpersonal relationship between the classes and work as a united front. Here at LHS we offer a diverse route for the different types of students. I want to work hard and still be able to have fun. High school is a one time experience so we have to make the best of it together. This year, with everyone’s cooperation and discipline, we can do it.”



Photo Cred: Shivangi Mistry


Vice President

” I want to make this year memorable and I want Lodi High School to be a place that students are eager to come to everyday.”





Photo Cred: Shivangi Mistry

 JENNIFER MAHON                      


“I want to work with the rest of student gov. to give the student  body what they’re looking forward to and more. I really want to lay down a new foundation so that future student gov. members will be able to build upon it, making LHS a more fun environment to be a part of.”




Photo Cred: Shivangi Mistry



“As treasurer this year, I would like to have multiple fundraisers that would give the student gov. the opportunity to host more events, other than Ram Wars and homecoming.”




Congratulations to the winners! We, here at the Rampage, can’t wait to see what the members of Student Government have in store for LHS this year!