Slamming into the New Wrestling Season


One of the three Lodi High School winter team is the wrestling team. Wrestling is a very competitive sport here that is carried out over the duration of the winter season. For this up-coming season, the team will have only a few returning seniors including, Chris Caban, Chris Kennedy, and David Pena. The Lodi Rampage interviewed head coach, Mr. Maggio, to see his expectations for the 2016-2017 season.

With the upcoming season approaching , what are the practices like? 

“Practices consist of a warm up session, conditioning session, water break,  drill session, technique session, and live wrestling session.”

When are the opening matches and what are your expectations?

“The opening match is against Ramsey, Friday, Dec. 16, followed by the Garfield holiday tournament. I expect to compete in the top three. Next match is the Bergen County Coach Association wrestling tournaments.” Coach Maggio expects seniors Chris Caban and John Zecca to excel and win in their weight class.

What are some things from last year that you hope to change this year ?

Coach Maggio hopes to have more of a fan presence during the home matches throughout the season.