Class Superlatives: Most Artistic


After conducting an interview with the recipients of Most Artistic Senior Superlative winners, Neel Patel and Hannah Hueschen, we discovered what drives their creativity and love for art.

1. How long have you been painting/drawing?

H: I’ve been drawing since I was really little, about six or seven.

N: I started drawing before I started painting. I have been drawing for about 10 years. I started painting about five years ago.

 2. What got you into art?

H: The first thing I started drawing was Dragon-ball Z, so I guess that show is what sparked my interest in drawing. I loved drawing the characters even though I wasn’t as good as I am now back then.

N: Art has always been one of my favorite classes in school and it is one of the things that people learn at a very young age and I also started drawing early on. I began doodling and drawing for fun and I realized  that I was naturally good at it. However, my dad has a lot of influence on me. He is the one who really got me inspired and I realized that I wanted to much more than doodle randomly.

3. Would you like to pursue a career in art? If so, what are your plans?

H: Honestly I don’t want to pursue a career that involves art, only because I really want to be in the law enforcement.

N: Even though I love drawing and painting, I don’t think I want to pursue a career in art. I just love drawing and painting for fun. It is really a hobby for me.

 4. Why is art important to you?

H: Art is important to me because it’s an outlet. When I’m troubled and I want to go to my little “happy place” I draw. It’s stress relieving. I love drawing. There’s always something new with drawing, whether it be the thing I’m drawing next or the art style I’m trying to do.

N: Art is important to me because it helps me feel relaxed. It is one of the ways that I forget about my problems and other distracting things and just focus on my work. It is also a way of expressing myself without using words or actions.

 5. Do you have a favorite artist?

H: No, I don’t have a favorite artist. I like different artists equally. I’ve never had a favorite growing up.

N: One of my favorite artists is Lee Hammond. The reason she is my favorite artist is because she paints and draws realistic artwork, which is also what I like to do. Along with people and still life, she draws and paints things from nature. These are also the same kind of things that I like to draw and paint. Every time I look at her artwork, I always get inspired. It feels like her works of art really pop out of the picture and that’s what I like to see.

 6. What inspires you?

H: Everything inspires me! I could be walking down the street and I look at a tree or something and there’s like dominoes in my head that just started falling, because the next thing you know I have a new idea to draw. It’s just awesome because everything and anything could inspire you, and you won’t even know it until it’s the moment you get the inspiration.

N: For an artist, inspiration is everywhere. Since I like to draw and paint things from nature, I get inspirations from everywhere.  I also get inspired from other artist’s artwork. Whenever I see another artist’s artwork, I say to myself, “Wow! How did they do this, I want to do something similar to this.” I usually take pictures of the things that inspire me so I don’t forget it and just draw it whenever I get a chance.