Faculty Alumni Flashback: Mr. Cannizzaro

Joey Paladino

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According to Mr. Cannizzaro, current Lodi High School teacher and former Lodi High School student, no year is better than senior year; he stated that when you’re a senior this school is “your world.” This was Mr. Cannizzaro’s response when asked about his favorite year during his high school era. Mr. Cannizzaro attended LHS from 1994 to 1998. Throughout his four years, he was a football player, wrestler, and track athlete. However, Mr. Cannizzaro was not your stereotypical jock; he took honors and AP classes such as AP Government, and was a member of the Key and Interact Clubs. Mr. Cannizzaro stated that his favorite part of his Lodi High School experience was “how close everyone was.” His senior class was a small one; there were less than 120 students in it. Everyone in that class was friends with or knew one another. Mr. Cannizzaro’s least favorite part of his high school can most likely relate to the thoughts of many of today’s students; it was the dreaded early morning alarm that everyone hates waking up to. The final question about Mr. Cannizzaro’s high school experience was about his favorite teacher. He named Mrs. Yzquierdo his favorite teacher; she used to teach science in LHS. “The sense of humor and loyalty he has as a student remains a big part of him and are admirable traits which I have always appreciated,” said Ms. Y when asked about having Mr. Cannizzaro as a student.

We later asked what Mr. Cannizzaro would change about his high school experience if given the opportunity. He answered that he would have taken more honors and AP classes. He wishes he would have challenged himself a bit more, although tackling three sports and the honors classes he did already have was not an easy task to manage.

But what brings Mr. Cannizzaro back to Lodi to teach? After high school, he attended Rutgers for his freshman year of college. Mr. Cannizzaro then transferred to Montclair for the rest of his college days; he made the move because he desired to play football again. Mr. Cannizzaro said he never imagined he would be back at Lodi. He was looking to go to Law School, but he seemed to never be able to find the time for it. Having to find a job, Mr. Cannizzaro started coaching right here at LHS while he was attending Montclair. As he was coaching, Mr. Cannizzaro experienced an epiphany -he wanted to become a teacher. He loved the act of coaching and teaching athletes, and that turned into him teaching in a classroom. And now the rest is history. We wrapped up this interview with some wise words from the Lodi High School veteran; “People are stupid, don’t be one of them.”