Student Government Elections


It’s that time of year again! After a long week and a half of extreme campaigning, the student body was finally able to vote on who would become the next President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer of the school. Hours of poster work, creative stickers, key chains, labeled water bottles, and so much more all in hopes of becoming the newest members of student government!


Our candidates running for treasurer were as follows:

Seniors: Caroline Romero, Brianna Rohr, Brian Ray, Simmi Kaur, Kevin Mahon, Rozeta Lickollari, and Johnny Calabrese.


Our candidates running for secretary were as follows:

Seniors: Lucia Baez, Dhielan Bustos,  Morgan Guarino, Wendy Mejia, and Karina Moreno.

Juniors: Sebastian Esquivel and Damanveer Singh.


Our Vice President candidates were as follows:

Seniors: Alondra Sami and Kayla Fiscina.

Junior: Lillian Vizcaino


Our Presidential candidates were as follows:

Seniors: Karla Clavelo, Devan Solanki, and Kathy Lopez.


All of these students worked hard throughout this week and on September 23, 2014, the student body voted. Whose hard work paid off?


President: Kathy Lopez


Vice President: Lillian Vizcaino

photo (9)

Secretary: Morgan Guarino

photo (8)

Treasurer: Kevin Mahon



Our new President, Kathy Lopez, has looked up to those who ran before her and knew as a freshman that she wanted to be up there. She saw all those older kids running for each position and thought to herself, “I want that to be me.” Her thoughts on this upcoming year are all positive. She believes that all of the candidates that won have one common goal: Unity.

Our new Vice President, Lilli, Vizcaino, has all the experience needed to be a great VP. She was a representative last year and knows the ins and outs of Student Government. She is a creative and energetic student who will make sure that this year is exciting for students and for school that she truly cares about. Lilli has high hopes on this upcoming year and with her new candidates they are looking to do big things this school year.

Our new Secretary, Morgan Guarino, wanted nothing more than to be involved in the school. She wanted to help organize each event and plan to make this year better than ever. She wants to be involved with every aspect of the school and to make this year memorable. When asked about this upcoming year she feels great about it. She believes this will be a successful year with everyone working together. Her goal is to make this year enjoyable as ever.

Our new Treasurer, Kevin Mahon, chose to run for treasurer because he is truly someone to count on. He is responsible and can easily regulate and keep track of the money that goes towards all the events Student Government takes part in. He is also excited to be an officer to help come up with compromise as well as new ideas. Kevin is confident about this upcoming year. He believes it will be the most successful of all four years he has been at LHS and is truly looking forward to it.